Urban Strawbale: NZNB Verden, DE


The North German Centre for Sustainable Construction (NZNB) has been built on the site of the former Lindhooper barracks in artillery road in Verden/Aller. The 5 story-wooden construction is made entirely with straw bale insulation.

Objectives: The location Verden/Aller shall become the hub for sustainable construction in northern Germany – as an example for Germany and whole Europe. (source: www.nznb.de)

Project-description as PDF (german) and english PDF

plan10_131010001_Glasfassade Exif_JPEG_PICTURE Exif_JPEG_PICTURE Exif_JPEG_PICTURE

A firetest on a straw bale wall with 6 cm limeplaster (graefix 73 pajalith). The test was made 2012 on iBMB Braunschweig.
The firetest for the 6 cm plaster was successful so the plaster (the straw bale-modules with plaster) may be installed on 5 story straw bale buildings – as in this example on the “Norddeutsches Zentrum für Nachhaltiges Bauen” (North German Centre for Sustainable Construction (NZNB))!

Written by Herbert Gruber

Herbert is author of the book "Neues Bauen mit Stroh" (New Building with Straw), head of the austrian strawbale network ASBN and partner in the Leonardo-project "Strawbale Training for European Professionals (STEP). As a collector he documents European straw bale buildings since 1999 on his website (database, german), in lectures, workshops and books.

Website: http://www.baubiologie.at