The program in detail:

Let’s go home!…
To the Feuillette house in Montargis.


20 / 08:


We will be traveling to Paris and its surroundings by bus, where we will visit strawbale buildings of different types (private, public,collective,…).
Our last stop will be Montargis, where the iconic Feuillette House can be found and where the ESBG opening ceremony will be taking place.

Friday 21 / 08: Straw Goes Professional

Straw goes Professional / Gallery

First, there will be technical presentations on materials and different kinds of uses- linked to specific projects in Europe and worldwide. After that, we will speak about the state of research in several countries along with the developments observed in national standards. Fire tests, research programs, hygrothermic models, etc. are among the topics we will talk about.

Our afternoon will be dedicated to theory and building physics- also oriented around specific projects.

Passive houses and principles, zero carbon, thermal properties, hybrid houses, etc.… will be among the other discussed themes.

22 / 08:
Straw Goes Social

Straw goes Social / Gallery

All the projects presented here will speak about collective energy, gathering knowledge, how to do it yourself, … with some examples of ecovillages, sharing, and participative living.

There will be conferences where the human and group dynamics are in the centre of the interests.

The afternoon is directly connected to the morning- jumping into the ways we transfer skills and competences; it is about the teaching and learning processes.

We will organize several round tables, in order to experience a collective sharing about these topics and allow us to see how we can be empowered and empower others in our work.

As this is the “social day”, let’s be social and end the day with a big party together!

Sunday 23 / 08: Straw goes Urban

Straw goes Urban / Gallery

As the main goal for urban projects is now ecology, we propose that you share about this topic. We will presentations about projects and technical aspects, limitations and solutions, rules and borders, public markets and prefab systems…in order to draw a picture of urban building practices and try to reveal relevant answers.

In the afternoon, we will host an “open space” for all professionals who want to show their construction methods and/or demonstrate something practical. There will be several small exhibitions as well. During the afternoon, there will also be different round tables- organized around the themes you are most interest in (within the 4 main topics: Urban, social, professional, learning).

Monday 24 / 08: Straw is…

Straw is shared / Gallery

What is straw now? How do we structure our networks? How our networks can help us to support the professionalization of straw building in our countries?

We will speak about building codes and national rules in the morning in order to establish a common ground. In the afternoon, the subject will be: how are our networks and how do we want them to be in terms of professionalization? How is it going for each country to “professionalize”?

We will end with a closing ceremony.

Tuesday 25 / 08

Tour again! / Gallery

If you did not came with us on Thursday, this is your last chance to discover other strawbale buildings of different types (private, public,collective,…) between Montargis and Paris.