Earthplaster- and Straw Bale-Courses in Hruby Sur, SK

Ekocentrum ArTUR
Slovenská pošta Hrubý Šúr
903 01 Hrubý Šúr
Slovenská republika

Info about courses:

Ekocentrum-ArTUR-0Ekocentrum-ArTUR  Ekocentrum-ArTUR2 Ekocentrum-ArTUR3 Ekocentrum-ArTUR4 Ekocentrum-ArTUR5

Written by Herbert Gruber

Herbert is author of the book "Neues Bauen mit Stroh" (New Building with Straw), head of the austrian strawbale network ASBN and partner in the Leonardo-project "Strawbale Training for European Professionals (STEP). As a collector he documents European straw bale buildings since 1999 on his website (database, german), in lectures, workshops and books.