Urban strawbale: Loadbearing Acrobax Tearoom, Library and Concert-Area, Rome, Italy, 2013


This is the load-bearing wall in bales, built by Bagstudio during a workshop in Rome, without interruption or counters, the longest ever made (34mt). It was designed to broaden the space of Acrobax and obtain a tea room, a library and the backstage of the concert area. To realize this project has been organized a workshop for a period of one week during which the structure was completed, which was then plastered and finished inside during the following weeks.

Source/Info: http://www.bagstudio.org/en/progetti/

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Written by Herbert Gruber

Herbert is author of the book "Neues Bauen mit Stroh" (New Building with Straw), head of the austrian strawbale network ASBN and partner in the Leonardo-project "Strawbale Training for European Professionals (STEP). As a collector he documents European straw bale buildings since 1999 on his website (database, german), in lectures, workshops and books.

Website: http://www.baubiologie.at